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Scale up your sales organization, build powerful sales cycles and ignite exponential growth

A proven 2-day Training Program that allows any SME or Startup leader/sales manager to achieve exponential growth by industrializing the sales process and the sales organization 

Who is this program for

The Sales Management Academy is for SMEs or Startup leaders/sales managers wanting to grow their sales revenue. You are managing a sales team or preparing yourself to lead a team. You probably are facing the following challenges

Lack of Growth

Stuck in linear growth, frustrated with too many unsuccessful deals

Human Management

Failing at recruiting and retaining the best talents in sales


Wanting to be recognized as a modern and successful leader.

Ignite your exponential growth

Accelerate your sales growth by breaking down the sales into individual actionable components

  • Identify patterns of scalability to depart from linear growth and ignite exponential growth

  • Identify the Go-to-Market strategies that fit your specific situation and market condition

  • Re-think the way you qualify a client and learn to say "No" to the wrong leads

  • Put your sales cycle on auto-pilot by implementing automation tools that work for you (not the opposite)

  • Recruit and manage high-performance salespeople like athletes

How it works

Doctor Teaching on Seminar


Curated knowledge

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, strategy consultants and sales leaders



Fully immersive and interactive

Active participation and real life experience to learn from the group

Colleagues Working in Office


1:1 audit

Free 30-min 1-on-1 coaching from the course leader

A 2-Day Training Program

Save the dates

Session name
Date & Time (CET)
Half Day 4
4 hours
Half Day 3
4 hours
Half Day 2
4 hours
Half Day 1
4 hours

Save your seat

Do you want to see if the Sales Management Academy is the right program for you.?

Join Benedict on a live 30-min Zoom session when he will introduce the course and answer all your questions

The next online course in English starts on May 3rd. Due to the high request for this program, we will only accept 7 additional participants. The next English online session will take place in September 2022.


What our alumni are saying

Nathalie Leroy 150x150.png

Dimitri Torregrossa

Founder and CEO at Aurora's Grid

"very useful! The Trainers started from the basic knowledge of sale-cycles and gradually explained how to manage sales with specific tools and dedicated methodologies. Very useful the tips on “recruiting sales-team”. I definitively suggest this class to start-up facing off with sales management!"

Nathalie Leroy 150x150.png

Jonathan Edwards

Director - SoMoney

"As an entrepreneur, there are so many initiatives you could potentially invest your time and effort in, and you are constantly wondering if they are a waste of time or if on the contrary you have not done enough. This course was indeed extremely useful in helping select WHAT processes, tools, activities to invest in, but most importantly, it gave me a benchmark for HOW MUCH I should invest in them, what the level of expectation and best practice is. Highly recommended."

Nathalie Leroy 150x150.png

Stéphane Janiszewski

General Manager Sales, Europe at Meritor

"A perfect fit for what I was looking for as the course gives a truly holistic view of the Sales function, covering all key aspects and all angles! As an experienced sales professional with mostly big corporation background, it gave me exactly what I needed to transfer into the exciting world of smaller and more agile organisations as I was able to combine my "corporate" experience with the content of the course geared towards startups and SMEs. All of this in a fun atmosphere and an exciting blend of participants."

Nathalie Leroy 150x150.png

Nathalie Leroy

Head of Professional Services & Project Management at icCube

"The strength of Fast Track Sales Academy course lies on the actionable ways to improve your sales processes, independently of your company's stage. The professional ​diversity of the team and lecturers enriched the course's​ ​content and debates in each session. I definitely recommend the course if you are looking to have a deeper understanding on sales models, processes, tools, management and growth. Two thumbs up!"

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